Trying Something New: NaBloPoMo

Committing to posting daily for the month of November. #NaBloPoMo 2016.

#NaBloPoMo who? That was my reaction when I first saw this hashtag.  But the more I looked into it, the more I realized it was something I should consider.

When I started my blog, one thing I wanted to do was to post twice weekly, but let’s face it… I have two young children that need my daily attention, not to mention a job that I have obligations to fulfill as well.  One thing I want  need to do more often is take time for myself.  One of my main goals in starting my blog was to have something for myself.  To focus on something that was for Kimberly the person, not Kimberly the mom, the wife, or the dance teacher.  I have spent the last 3 years of my life devoting myself to being the best wife and mother I could be.  While there is nothing wrong with this, I have started to realize (with the help of a dear friend of mine) that I have started to loose sight of myself.  I don’t think my blog is going to completely fix this, but I do think it will help.

In order to inspire myself, I have decided to participate in NaBloPoMo.

NaBloPoMo 2016

National Blog Post Month, or NaBloPoMo, is where you post a different blog post everyday for the month of November.  After researching this, I’ve found that some sites give you a different prompt to help inspire you throughout the challenge.  Some bloggers follow these prompts and others wing it.  I think I’ll be winging it.

To make things even more difficult on myself, I think I’ll be posting everyday to my Instagram page as well.  If it’s a challenge, I guess I should be going all out.

Hopefully this challenge gives you all more insight on who I am, and also what you can look forward to seeing on my blog in the future.

So here’s to NaBloPoMo 2016 Day 1.  Pray for me as I embark on this journey.

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