Who’s Mommy Pointe? An Introduction

An introduction to the face behind Mommy Pointe blog.

An introduction is always a great way to start when you’re meeting someone new, so here’s mine:


My name is Kimberly aka Kimi aka Kim.  I’m a Christian, a wife to my husband Terry and mother to my son TJ and daughter Ella!  I am a Dietetic Technician, Registered and have a Bachelor’s degree in Human Nutrition with a concentration in dietetics.  I worked as a nutritionist for the WIC program until March 2014 when I became a mom to my handsome son TJ.  Now, I’m a stay-at-home mom during the day and a dance instructor at night.  I absolutely love taking care of my children and am so grateful for the opportunity to watch them grow on a daily basis.


This blog will center on things that I hold near and dear to me: mommy hood, pregnancy, nutrition, food, toddler life, infant life, crafting, fashion and beauty…. The list could probably go on and on… I guess you could call it a mommy and lifestyle blog.


I plan to blog a minimum of 2 days per week to start.  Pray for me that I stick to this schedule!


Find me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.  Just search @MommyPointe.


I can’t wait to share things I’m learning about myself with all of you.  A lot has happened to me in the past 3 years.  Marriage and 2 babies can do that to a person.  Starting this blog is definitely a way for me to find myself again.  It’s easy to forget about taking time for yourself, even when kids aren’t in the picture.  I learn daily as I grow in my relationships with God, my husband, and my children.

I hope this introduction gives you a small glimpse of me and you check in with me regularly to see what’s going on! If you’re new, introduce yourself below!




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