Mom Fail Moment Stories: Diapers and Fans

Most moms have experienced a mom fail moment. Sharing stories from mom friends about a few of their mom fail moments.

Whether you’re a mom or not, I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of fail moments.  I’m starting to realize that a life without laughter is pretty boring and sad.  Why not laugh at some of the mistakes we’ve made as a mom and have a little more fun? As promised, I’m back again with a mom fail moment or two from a few friends of mine.

Mom Fail Moment: Where’s the diaper?

“I was getting ready to go out one day and had dressed my youngest in a really cute outfit.  After buckling him into his carseat I heard what I assumed to be him passing gas.  I looked down at him and to my surprise I saw brown coming through his clothes.  A diaper blow out? Nope! As I take him out of the seat to change, I realize that I forgot the diaper altogether.  Let’s just say, I’ll never forget the diaper again!”

Mom Fail Moment: When babies hit the fan!

“The first is from when my daughter was about 3 months old.  My husband was playing with her in my parents living room, typical Dad stuff, throwing her above his head.  Well, all of a sudden I hear a loud crash and my daughter screaming.  I run out to find the light fixture attached to my parents’ fan on the floor and my daughter beet red wailing her head off.  Turns out my husband forgot about the fan, had thrown our daughter over his head and her head hit the light fixture hard enough to knock it off the fan and send it crashing to the ground.  We monitored her for like 3 days, freaking out that she had permanent damage.  The fan had to be replaced.

My second moment was when my daughter was probably 14 months old.  She woke up too early and because I was exhausted, I put her in bed with me to try to get her to sleep for at least another hour.  Well, I was so tired I fell back asleep before she did.  She then decided to try to get off the bed by herself, and fell HARD on the floor right on her temple.  I woke up just in time to fail at grabbing her by the foot to stop the inevitable fall.  She had a HUGE lump and bruise for about a week.

For the most part my weekly fails are realizing that she has had nothing to eat that day but a breakfast bar, fruit snacks, ice cream and French fries.  I usually realize this around 8pm as I’m giving her a bath, and end up trying to force feed her veggies and protein before she goes to bed!”

Mom Fail Moment: Cloth Diaper Mishap

“My husband thought our son had just wet his diaper and went to remove it quickly.  This was not the case and poop almost went flying everywhere! It was hilarious!”

Thanks to these mamas for sharing their stories with us! Check out a few of my own mom fail moments here. Don’t worry, I will be sharing more mom fail moments soon.  In the meantime, have you had any mom fail moments? Share some stories down in the comments below!

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