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My Maternity Style Must Haves

Maternity style favorites for every trimester. Leggings, denim, and maxi dresses help you look stylish with minimal effort.

By no means am I a fashion expert, but I do love style and maternity style is no different. Staying fashionable while fighting nausea, fatigue, and every other pregnancy symptom is especially difficult. On top of that once you add a toddler to the mix, you soon realize that it’s so much easier to put on a pair of sweats than to put on a pair of jeans. But one thing I’ve noticed is that when I take a little extra time (pregnant or not) to put together a nice outfit I feel that much better. My confidence and overall outlook for the day improves greatly.

I definitely don’t get dressy everyday. I’m a dance teacher for heaven’s sake. I literally live in leggings and t-shirts but I will say there were a few staple items in my maternity wardrobe that helped me look stylish, while staying comfortable throughout the end days of my pregnancy.  Here are a few of the maternity staples that I couldn’t stay away from during my pregnancy.

Maternity Style Must Have 1: Leggings

I’ve already mentioned that I’m a dance teacher. I’m at the studio a minimum of 4 days per week and at least 3 of those are teaching days. Maternity leggings are my best friend! My go-to pairs are these full panel leggings in black and charcoal gray from Old Navy. I love to pair them with a loose fitting t-shirt and cardigan or a sweater. Boots and a cute scarf are a must to complete the look. If I need to elevate the look, sometimes I’ll through on a cute t-shirt or swing dress. It’s such an easy, comfortable and cute outfit to put together. This just so happens to be one of my favorite postpartum outfits as well!

Maternity Style Must Have 2: Denim

I’m all about a good pair of skinny jeans. Pregnant or not, these are my favorite style of jeans to wear. My favorite maternity jeans are this pair I got from Motherhood Maternity in my second trimester. They are super soft and of course have the full panel I desire for extra belly support (you all know what I’m talking about!). Jeans are just as versatile as leggings. Pair them with a nice sweater or t-shirt and cardigan for an easy, but stylish outfit. A nice patterned scarf completes this look perfectly as well.

Another denim staple is a great denim jacket.  I love the cropped version seen here from one of my maternity picture sessions.  A full sleeve version or even a chambray shirt are all great layering pieces for any outfit.

Maternity style favorites for every trimester. Full panel leggings, denim, and maxi dresses to get you through pregnancy fashionably.

Maternity Style Must Have 3: Maxi Dresses

My last maternity style favorite are maxi dresses and skirts. Super easy, especially for those oh so frequent bathroom trips, and extremely comfortable. I’ve shown you two different maxi dress options. Both are shots from one of my maternity photoshoots. The first is a casual black maxi dress paired with a cropped denim jacket (see above). This same dress pairs just as easily with a cardigan and scarf (are you beginning to see a trend here).

The second maxi dress shows an option for dressier occasions. We all know it’s hard to find fancy attire while pregnant. Maxis are a great way to look chic and remain comfortable during pregnancy. Here’s a picture of me from a wedding that I attended at 37 weeks pregnant. I added a boyfriend blazer to give it an extra touch of class.

Maternity style favorites for every trimester. Full panel leggings, denim, and maxi dresses to get you through pregnancy fashionably.

What are your maternity style must haves? Did you find it hard to stay or feel fashionable during the end days of pregnancy?

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